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Increasingly customised products

Multi-function products Despite our success as board game table manufacturers, we don’t view ourselves simply as that in the long- term. The aim is to become renowned as a maker of multi-functional tables, with a product able to seamlessly switch between usages for games to one for a family to dine on. Other furniture products are already becoming more prominent in our product range, with a bigger number of chairs being produced. Eventually, we’d aim to do full interior design for a room including tables, chairs and cabinets using similar hardwood materials. With the world becoming ever-more digitised, technology will play an increasing role in our products. Whether a customer wants to charge an electronic device or being able to play board games through a touch sensitive electronic screen, these are functions we have to keep up with.

Every table is bespoke to a customer’s requirement, taking into account everything from its height, colour and size. Considering the level of customisation that goes into the design and production process, each table takes around three months to complete from start to finish. There is no production line; one craftsman will work specifically on a table and make it their own project. While traditional in terms of needing manual, skilled input, we have looked at enhancing our production methods through technology when necessary. This is because the process is changing all the time due to customer requests becoming increasingly bespoke. For instance, table leads – the flaps that come off the table tops – are commonly being engraved either with a family or individual name. This task is done with some machine input, simply to make life easier for our craftsman. Being able to turn around products more quickly than some of our international rivals is an ability we have worked hard to enhance.

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