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Payments Acceptance Application Developer W e weren’t selling, so we decided we didn’t need a sales force! Challenging traditional methods with this sort of counter-intuitive logic enabled us to think more creatively about how STS should operate. Now based in Croydon, STS was launched 20 years ago from a garden office. At that time UK card payments were moving from using the out-dated magnetic stripe to highly secure Chip and PIN technology, and it became clear that retailers were looking to do this with some innovative, low-cost point-of-sale software. This was successfully developed and installed in over 150,000 tills used by large retailers located right across the world over the following decade; we even won an award from Visa in recognition of our innovative work. Our payments acceptance solutions have reduced queuing time for consumers, increased choice and flexibility for retailers and prevented financial losses from in-store card fraud. STS went on to develop multiple creative, innovative payment apps for use in retail stores, on-board planes and trains, at motorway tolls, for electronic benefit payments, high value contactless retail payments and delivering high security Point- to-Point Encryption (P2PE) technology; selling them all using timeworn, traditional sales methods. But selling was becoming more of a struggle. We weren’t selling, so we decided we didn’t need a sales force! We reviewed our past successes realising they had come from technical people being passionate about the technology and the products selling themselves. So how should we apply our creativity to the selling process itself? Three years ago, we went ‘Product Led’. We formed a senior leadership team of passionate, technical people.

Steve Turner, CEO


»» Private company »» 20 years trading »» »» @STSPayments »» Customers include: »» Largest quick service restaurant chain »» World’s largest grocery retailer »» Largest motorway service

station operator »» Leading airport

infrastructure operator »» Largest warehouse club »» Major cash change dispenser



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