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West Lodge Primary School

A love of reading

Celebrating the opening of our Celtic roundhouse with a History Day!

W est Lodge Primary School is an inclusive, diverse and high-achieving school in Harrow. Head teacher Jim Dees explains that at West Lodge Primary School the vision is that each child finds the spark within them, which continues to grow, igniting the spark in others. This all starts with understanding and acceptance. This inspirational vision embodies the commitment to an ethos of inclusion and high expectations at West Lodge Primary. A rich, broad curriculum built on an excellent foundation in reading, writing and mathematics and with a focus on developing a positive learning culture has helped the school maintain high standards over a long period of time. We believe that it is imperative to provide pupils with a wide range of experiences to ensure that each child finds their spark. This rich provision helps to foster creativity, build resilience and enable children to become responsible citizens. We have a strong active learning culture that permeates to all stakeholders in the school. Our journey is one of continuous improvement and we are constantly reflecting, reviewing and developing our practice. This mindset ensures that changes are incremental as we work hard to maintain high-quality education for all pupils. Inclusive ethos West Lodge has gained a positive reputation for working successfully with SEND pupils. We have over thirty children with an education, health and care plan – three times the national average for a mainstream primary school. In 2015 we opened Kaleidoscope, a specialist resourced provision for pupils on the autistic spectrum.

REPORT CARD West Lodge Primary School » » Head teacher: Jim Dees » » Founded in 1954, but became West Lodge Primary School in 2010 after the amalgamation of West Lodge First and Middle Schools » » Based in Pinner, Harrow

» » No. of pupils: 648 » » No. of staff: 104 » » EAL: 65 per cent » » EHCP: 4.9 per cent » » On site autism resource provision » » Ofsted: “Outstanding” » »


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