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We are proud of our new values

Garfield College and our curriculum We believe in a broad and rich curriculum for all. In 2017, we launched our Garfield College for pupils at KS2 (juniors). A wide range of six-week courses were available on a rolling programme including: ballet, mindfulness, origami, art history, glass painting, carpentry, drama, Albanian and basketball. The rationale was that all our staff have talents to share and our pupils deserve to explore new subjects and learn more about what they like and are good at. Pupils chose their options and learn together in mixed age groups. Course tutors were all sourced in-house and included teachers, office and site team, lunch staff and senior team. Pupil enjoyment and enrichment is high as is the quality of learning, and our pupils have developed as resilient and curious learners, always keen to try new things. It has also helped raise pupils’ aspirations to attend college or university. We have also significantly increased the number of school trips over each

year by effective forward planning, researching new museums and opportunities and being fortunate to be located in London. Visiting theatre groups, themed days and weeks and a timetable of guest speakers giving career talks, have also added breadth to our offer.

Today’s children, tomorrow’s future

Capturing progress – e-portfolio

As an inclusive school, we know that many of our pupils make progress not best demonstrated from books or a test result. Our new e-portfolio captures each pupil’s learning six times a year during years 1–6. As well as uploading work samples that can be compared, pupils are filmed reciting a learnt poem and talk about their learning and achievements of each passing year. The filming process has improved their presenting skills and confidence. It has also given them an opportunity to record their memories and opinions, which, as they are given a copy on leaving year 6, can be kept and treasured, long into their adult lives.


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