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THE PARLIAMENTARY REVIEW Highlighting best practice

broad curriculum into a daily reality. Our levels of inclusion and our pupils’ reading habits have grown through this provision and general standards are rising year on year. Our new large hall allows whole-school assemblies and parents can attend regularly and always be included. It also divides into three smaller halls meaning that timetabling is more efficient. Our vision for the classrooms was to ensure they were of a consistently high standard for all pupils while still giving teachers autonomy. No clutter, a place for everything and not too many displays. Our pupils like the uniformity of the classrooms and it has helped with transition. The new school grounds, although still developing, foster a real love for sports, play and fun. What we stand for Our old mission statement was a poster, framed in a corridor and few would have been able to tell you what it said. It was time for a radical overhaul. After several staff meetings, we decided our vision and values should be an acrostic of “Garfield”. We debated each key word and sentence until we were sure it captured all we strived for and believed in. We took things further forward by ensuring they were explicitly understood by all our community. Each of our values are now displayed throughout the school through large illustrations on walls. We introduced postcards of each value and these are now posted home to pupils once we have seen them demonstrate them. Pupils develop their understanding of these values through weekly assemblies, which focus on one of the eight values. Our values and the accompanying explanations have created a very powerful script and language which is used by staff and pupils.

Our official opening – July 2016

The new Garfield – the environment matters

We now have a school that matches our aspirations. The site has an inspirational school library, a modern and professional ICT suite, special facilities for children with emotional and social needs and additional group rooms for our pupils to learn in. These specialist rooms enabled us to translate our vision of an inclusive and

We had a long list of non- negotiables

Pupils love to read in our new library


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