North West London


Garfield Primary School

Our unique new school

Karen Khwaja, head teacher

K aren Khwaja, head teacher of Garfield Primary School, was asked in 2012 how she felt about building a new school next to the current site. Karen supported the idea and that decision has led to the amazing but challenging task of planning the new “dream” school. It would be the catalyst to create a new and exciting vision and values for the school and to radically transform and enrich the curriculum. Karen sets out how her vision of a new model school came into being. Planning a new school I was fortunate to work alongside a strong and committed leadership team and a skilled governing body who were relentless in their ambition. We wanted the very best for our pupils and the local community. Our local authority, Enfield, allowed us to get fully involved in the facilities and environment we wanted to create. The old Garfield was cramped, full of clutter, had only one hall and with no additional rooms, support staff often worked with groups in the corridors, which was hardly ideal. We had the opportunity to think very strategically about what we wanted the new Garfield to be like. We went into meticulous detail with regards to what the outside of the school should look like. It was important to us that it was an impressive, unique building that stood out from other schools. We planned each room, its location, function and potential for impacting on the education and welfare of our school team. We created a long set of “non-negotiables” and brokered them relentlessly. Building works started in July 2014 and we moved into the new school in June 2016.

REPORT CARD Garfield Primary School » » Head teacher: Karen Khwaja » » Founded in 1883 » » New school opened in June 2016 » » Based in Enfield » » Type of school: Local authority primary school » » No. of pupils: 425 on roll » » No. of staff: 71 » » EAL: 62 per cent – 48 different languages spoken » » Free school meals: 24 per cent » » SEN: 9.69 per cent » » Ofsted: “Good” » » School motto: “Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Future” » »


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