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of the book. Classic, contemporary poetry and non-fiction narratives are celebrated. Our year 6 children have just studied Emily Brontë to add to the collection of books that they now know. By the time they leave us, each pupil will have studied 42 books in depth. This is in addition to their library books and their home/school reading book. Our whole-class, whole-book approach has sparked interest across the borough of Haringey, which has led to schools receiving training from us. The schools that have adopted our way of teaching and reading have all had an increase in their reading results, with one school’s results improving by 40 per cent. We also provide a project-based, pupil-led STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum, which gives our pupils experiences through real-world application. While the strength of our STEM provision has consequently resulted in us being the lead school for our Network Learning Community (NLC) and having an active role in the Haringey borough STEM commission, our pupils aspire to pursue STEM- based careers. Enrichment Beyond the classroom, all children at Lea Valley have access to an array of activities to which they would otherwise not be exposed. After 3.30 each afternoon, Lea Valley is buzzing with budding ballerinas and would-be Olympian fencers. It is crucial that pupils understand the world beyond the estate they live in and can excel. We want them each to find their niche. Beyond the usual football and netball teams, we offer a rich and diverse menu including archery, cheerleading and a STEM

The school’s year 3 violinists

drone club. The list goes on, so that our pupils have the best chance of finding the part of themselves that is outstanding. The impact, although directly immeasurable by standard assessments, is shown in the pupils’ lifted confidence and focus on their learning. I have spent my headship thus far developing children and staff as individuals. The success of Lea Valley starts with taking time to understand what children and adults alike need to succeed. This has not been a journey of an individual. It has been supported by many, including Challenge Partners, The Prince’s Teaching Institute, the local authority and Haringey Headteachers’ Association, to name but a few. importantly, to work relentlessly to shape our pupils into well-rounded individuals. One returning pupil, who is now a doctor, told me just the other day, “It all started here, Miss.” We want others to come back and proudly say the same. We will continue to strive to exceed national standards and, more

I have spent my headship thus far developing children and staff as individuals


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