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Pupils as leaders

Encouraging our pupils to take leadership of and pride in, their school takes a variety of different forms at Richard Atkins. Our Children’s Committee is comprised of pupils who are elected by their peers to represent each class from year 2 onwards. These pupils meet several times per term, guided by a member of staff, to discuss key issues affecting their peers and to effect positive ways to improve their school. We have developed a team of peer mediators: carefully trained pupils who support their peers to resolve disagreements amicably at playtimes and lunchtimes. Our peer mediators are overseen by key members of staff who prepare and debrief them on a weekly basis, enabling them to discuss any issues that have arisen and equip them with the skills to support effectively. In order to help prepare our pupils for future life, we have created a team of “young leaders” who take on roles of responsibility within the school. Pupils go through a rigorous job selection process, completing a job application form and an interview with the senior leadership team before they are appointed. Roles are as follows: lunchtime, environmental, welcome, clerical, librarian and “Rights Respecting School” young leaders. Windmill Cluster Richard Atkins takes a leading role in the Windmill Cluster, a cluster of ten schools within Lambeth who share ideas, resources and expertise to support and facilitate the highest outcomes in attainment and aspirations for the entire school community. Staff work together with trust and respect in a variety of different forums including heads, SLT, literacy, maths, year 2, year 6 and EYFS to discuss key issues and generate opportunities for improved

Striving to be our greatest self

outcomes. We pool resources, bidding for shared funding in order to increase our efficiency and effectiveness. Collaboratively, we have secured enhanced opportunities for our pupils including workshops with visiting authors and Pegasus Opera (working directly with the children), Poetry Slam, horse riding, Science Fair, Maths Olympiad, art exhibitions, film-making and outdoor learning opportunities. As we deliver on our promise of inspiring curiosity and the courage to succeed in our pupils, we are committed to preparing our young people for the world of the future. We take a holistic approach to educating the individual person. We have developed the extended pupil experience that ensures they develop flexible and adaptable skills to be successful future employers/employees. As we build the foundations for our pupils’ education and their people, social and communication skills, we want to ensure that they will lead healthy and fulfilling lives that will enable them to take risks and to be respectful, creative leaders of the modern world playing active roles in society.

Head teacher Nadia McIntosh details key aspects of how the school enhances the provision and learning experiences of the pupils, creating “an

impressive climate for learning” Ofsted 2017


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