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THE PARLIAMENTARY REVIEW Highlighting best practice

and needs, leading to higher levels of achievement. Music plays an important role in enhancing our curriculum. Our full-time music specialist ensures that every child benefits from class music lessons once a week, as well as opportunities to learn a musical instrument during their time with us. We passionately believe that providing children with these learning opportunities helps not only their language development but also their creativity, physical skills and their personal and social development. Pupil wellbeing Integral to our core ethos is meeting the needs of the whole child. Given this, pupil safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance at Richard Atkins. Working with our pupils in a therapeutic way permeates everything we do and we take time to listen and support pupils socially and emotionally as well as academically. We provide a range of creative therapies, including martial arts, enabling our pupils to build their confidence, self-esteem and resilience in an increasingly challenging world.

Embracing new experiences

Creative Curriculum Ensuring our provision met the expectations of the new National Curriculum 2014 was only part of our challenge; our pupils also needed to be encouraged to engage on a deeper level and become leaders of their own learning. In order to achieve this, we developed our own “Creative Curriculum”, incorporating engaging, aspirational pupil-led activities linked around key whole- school themes. We aim to go beyond rote learning, and focus on using motivational experiences and teaching strategies to activate and enhance individual children’s passions

Pupils are confident that they will be successful learners. They take risks, ‘have a go’ and rise to the challenges of their teachers Ofsted 2017

Fostering inquisitive minds


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