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them feel welcome. They build the confidence of the children around them and, in turn, help to develop strong teamwork and communication skills. They support our school’s sports days by explaining techniques to the younger children and fundraise during Sport Relief, working alongside our PE lead to come up with activities and ideas. Eco-warriors Our eco-warriors are passionate about their local and global environment. This year they won a £1,000 grant through pitching to Unilever and Team London representatives at City Hall. They have spent this money on building community bonds and educating our school community through the organisation of the Great Sunnyhill Spring Clean. On a day-to-day basis, they take responsibility for collecting recycling from around the school and educating each class on items they can recycle. In June, they will be talking to five of our local schools to encourage them to run their own eco group and events. School ambassadors Our ambassadors are the first face and voice for visitors to our school. Equipped with a map and facts about the school, they take school visitors on guided tours, offering their own This year, they have also taken on the responsibility for “Swaps in a Box”, our book-swap library in an old telephone box in the playground, which promotes a love for reading. Citizenship We are actively involved with local, national and international communities. We want our pupils experiences and answering any questions our guests may have.

Sunnyhill was invited to join the London mayor’s Schools for Success programme in recognition of helping low-achieving pupils to do better

to know that their views and voices matter, and that they can facilitate positive change beyond a local platform. We continually develop our school ethos and curriculum so that we are known and valued in our neighbourhood. Learning, teaching and the curriculum Our curriculum combines both formal learning and creativity. We focus on the quality of teaching and provide a varied learning experience, one balanced between both knowledge and skill. Pupils have a wide range of opportunities for personal development through music, art, drama and sport as well as further academic learning. Our pupils and their learning are at the centre of everything we do. Our innovative curriculum promotes curious, collaborative and creative learning. We focus on the knowledge and skills our pupils will need in the future, and aim to develop their awareness of the world outside school while preparing them for the choices that lie ahead.

We focus on the quality of teaching and provide a varied learning experience, one balanced between both knowledge and skill


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