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THE PARLIAMENTARY REVIEW Highlighting best practice

London Young Leaders programme to run an eco-fashion show in aid of Kings’ College Hospital. Pupils are demonstrably passionate about our local foodbank, having volunteered there several times. Recently, they have contributed to the work of the Children’s Commissioner for England and Lambeth Council by giving their views on the support pupils, collecting over 300 sensible suggestions from nursery to year 6 every term, and putting them forward to the senior leadership team for review. These suggestions have led to changes with school meals, uniform and the introduction of events such as careers week, takeover day and a talent show. They regularly lead their own assemblies and run circle times to encourage all pupils in having their voice heard. Peer mediators Our team of mediators are trained in conflict resolution, running their own shift pattern and rotas in the school playground every lunchtime. Working in pairs, they deal with any friendship issues that arise. They also plan and lead our anti- bullying week in November, which includes assemblies, activities and fundraising for Childline. These activities and their determination to ensure every child at Sunnyhill has the tools to stop bad behaviour has led to their winning a Diana Anti-Bullying Award three years running. Play leaders The role of a play leader is to plan and lead games in the playground at lunchtime, ensuring that all children that want to join in are able to. They bring groups of children together who may not have a group and make young people need. Primarily, the council are the voice of our

recognise the importance of being positive with each other, to not just listen to each other but to try and walk in each other’s shoes and to remember that we are always on the same side, no matter what, because we all want what’s best for the pupils. early years. We work in partnership with parents and families to build lasting relationships. The early years foundation stage provides the starting point for everything our children learn. Pupil leadership Through pupil leadership, students have the chance to influence all aspects of school life. We want our children to know that we value their opinions, that their voices matter and that they can make a difference. We want them to know that this is their school, and that they have an important part to play in leading it. The different types of leadership groups we operate follow. Student council Over the last two years, our student council has been a finalist for the Speaker’s School Council Award for their project on food poverty, and have won a £1000 grant through the Team Our child-centred approach is visible everywhere in Sunnyhill’s

We want our children to know that we value their opinions, that their voices matter and that they can make a difference

Play leaders inviting younger children to participate in an activity


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