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Saving our environment

Jason Ware, Managing Director

A foreUK provides perfect power conversion and control solutions for solar power generation installations with R&D, manufacturing and marketing of solar PV inverters. The core business is to provide all kinds of high quality and reliable grid connected solar Inverters and energy system solutions to satisfy the consistently increasing demands for global energy. The newly designed PV Inverter features full load high efficiency, high reliability and user friendly interface. Green, or renewable energy, is generated by harnessing the power of the wind, sun and sea, or by burning replaceable sources such as waste products and crops (biofuels). The most prevalent sources of green energy in the UK are solar, biofuels, wind and water. Unlike fossil fuels, these will never run out and do not release extra carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). The UK has only one per cent of the world’s population, but we produce 2.3 per cent of its CO 2 . Solar power does not produce any emissions, is renewable, and is highly suitable for powering portable devices as well as homes. Many new home and smaller commercial developers take solar energy generation into consideration as a design concept, like solar panels and water-heating systems. While the goal of solar- powered transport has not yet been achieved, the panels can be employed in vehicles as a source of power for air conditioning. It is in this market that we began operations in 2010 In those days, our business was installing systems for seven solar power contractors. However, when the government made the announcement in 2012 that the feed-in tariff for solar power was going to be cut in half, a lot of companies exited the market.

FACTS ABOUT AforeUK »» Established in 2010 »» Installed more than 45,000 inverters to homes in the UK »» Worked with councils and housing associations to bring solar to more homes nationwide


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