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Michael Harding Art Formulas

Hand grinding of Cadmium Yellow

Founder Michael Harding

I founded my company, Michael Harding Art Formulas Ltd, in 1982 because I felt compelled to. As a painter, I was dissatisfied with commercially available oil paints and decided to grind my own. Now I am the premier maker of fine artist materials. Based at Cwmbran in South Wales, my company is truly a global supplier, exporting art materials to more than 30 countries. The challenge For over 160 years, there has been a steady decline and a serious lack of interest in the true nature and potential of oil paints. The result is that very few artists have had an understanding of how to paint a picture that will not deteriorate over time because they do not understand art materials. Now, however, there is a plea from artists for quality materials due to better education and knowledge of what is contained in commercially manufactured oil paints. Artists who pay attention to quality require products without fillers or driers because these unnecessary additives compromise the longevity of paintings. Because my products do not contain fillers or driers, artists who try my oil colours are impressed by the brilliance of colour, coverage and tinting power along with a buttery, smooth texture. How did it happen? While I was a student learning my craft at the Epsom College of Art & Design, I kept trying to replicate the paint vibrancy and surface of Rembrandt’s works. But these qualities were not possible to achieve with commercially available paints, which almost seemed like a different medium altogether. So, I exhaustively researched the methods and techniques used to create Rembrandt’s paints from my one-room apartment.

FACTS ABOUT MICHAEL HARDING ART FORMULAS LTD »» Maker of professional artist grade products »» Specialist in Old Master painters’ colours »» Exporter to more than 30 countries »» In-house research and development »» Eight craftspeople »»


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