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British consul general, Chris O’Connor OBE, with John, Laurence and Lara Sargent at Sargent-Disc’s 30th anniversary reception in Los Angeles S argent-Disc is the largest provider of payroll and production management software and services to the UK film and television industries. The company prides itself on service excellence and was named Specialist Payroll Provider of the Year at the 2014 Payroll World awards for its industry-specific payroll and auto-enrolment workplace pension solutions. Sargent-Disc was founded by Marija and John Sargent and has been at the centre of the British film industry since 1986. Family owned, today the company is run by brother-and-sister team Lara and Laurence Sargent. In 2016 Sargent-Disc celebrated its 30th anniversary by commissioning a short film of its own showcasing its history and achievements 1 . The company was set up as an affiliate of DISC Inc, now Entertainment Partners (EP), based in California to take advantage of advances in computing technology to increase the efficiency of production payroll and accounting processes. The combination of Hollywood know-how and technical innovation revolutionised production accounting in the industry, with Sargent-Disc payroll and MicroDisc Accounting software quickly becoming the industry standard. Sargent-Disc now employs about fifty people across a range of software development, support, training and professional services. In 2017 alone Sargent-Disc processed payroll payments totalling in excess of £1 billion. Sargent-Disc is a thought leader and uses expertise to support and educate in an effort to move the industry forwards in terms of gender equality, diversity,

Sargent-Disc founders Marija and John Sargent at the office

FACTS ABOUT Sargent-Disc

» » Owners and directors: Dr Laurence Sargent and Lara Sargent » » Established in 1986 » » Based in Buckinghamshire » » Services: Payroll and residuals, pension auto-enrolment, production services, production card, production management software, production accounting software, training and academic partnerships » » No. of employees: 50-60 » » Sargent-Disc provided services for 10 of the top 20 highest- grossing films of the UK box office » » Payroll World: Specialist Payroll Provider of the Year, 2014 » »

1  Sargent-Disc: 30 Years in the Making –


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