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Others have given our price to benchmark for our competitors to enable them to beat it – competitors for whom the agent also works. Others have refused to pass the money on from the client. As a result, therefore, we have learned to be extremely selective and very rigorous in dealing with them, demanding exclusivity and references and insisting on face-to-face meetings with them, especially in the early stages. We also demand to see all contracts (in the original) and establish good links with the end- user accounts department in order to encourage prompt payment. A potential barrier for us is our location. Swansea is in the West of Wales and access to airports is limited. Cardiff Airport has very few international flights and we have experienced many problems in terms of poor flight timings, long waits and often cancellations. Our answer to this has been the use of video-conferencing technology. We have been an avid proponent of this and also very early adopters of the web-based screen-sharing software that now abounds. The one area where it has restricted us, however, is when clients want to visit us (perhaps for a due diligence audit or to attend one of our seminars) and find the expense of coming here too great. Our growth to date has been organic and incremental. When we make a sale we invest in our prime asset, people. Although a slow process for growing the company, this has led to the development of staff who are well immersed into the culture of our organisation and extremely knowledgeable in the product. Demand for the product is on the increase, especially in the US, which we see as a huge market for us, therefore we are having to adopt an additional strategy which will see us financing the

RAPnet Safe Permit to Work

recruitment of more personnel in order to ramp up the implementation of new sales. The challenge for us is to ensure that we keep our core competencies and knowledgeable workforce; the attributes that appeal most to our clients. The future is looking extremely exciting. As well as demand for the core product, we are also developing peripheral products such as mobile devices, reporting tools and other related specialist software. As legislation increases to bite and companies across the world wake up to their responsibilities to their workforces and to the environment, other markets and sectors are also beginning to open up for us. We are very excited and full of optimism for the future.

The future is looking extremely exciting


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