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older, this presented massive problems in terms of experience and know-how leaving the workplace. We therefore developed our specialised software RAP. RAP breaks down the working environment into individual component parts. Each part represents any tool being used, any activity being carried out or a condition someone is working under, such as welding in an empty product tank. By ensuring that 100% of all activities, tools and conditions are considered, nothing is left out. Nothing will occur that is not identifiable to those carrying out the work. This was, and still is, a radically different approach to current methods where such detail is difficult to organise and impossible to mobilise. Rather, such systems group sources of hazard together, relying on limited checklists, the knowledge of the workforce and the organisation’s culture to keep things safe. Despite the drawbacks, current manufacturers are comfortable with this and therefore, RAP has faced some resistance to the uptake of the product. However, as the world becomes increasingly electronically literate, our clients have come to expect systems like

ours that mirror those applications they see routinely in other aspects of their daily lives and, as such, RAP is gaining traction. The fact that RAP finds application in over 30 countries is no accident. A decision was made very early on to export. To some extent, this was forced upon us due to the diminishing manufacturing base in the UK but the fact that the UK also has an enviable worldwide reputation for the safe control of work also encouraged us. In addition, new plants (only being built abroad) adopting RAP find it easier to implement the product. Also, some other countries showed a greater appetite for newer, more radical systems than existing UK companies. However, exporting has not been without its difficulties. In many cases, we have chosen to do business via agents and we have had to get up-to- speed quickly with some of the sharper practices that they have perpetrated. We have come up against agents who were charging the client three times more than we believed they were and pocketing the difference.

RAP International specialises in risk assessment software for use in high hazard

industries across the world


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