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THE PARLIAMENTARY REVIEW Highlighting best practice

products we design and produce to ensure that we remain a market leader and stay ready for our next challenge. Regarding Brexit, we have no political view on how it should work. As an established exporter, we trade internationally and supply to European countries, whom I expect will see beyond the current challenges and approach business in a pragmatic manner. Brexit may well not have the same impact for us that it will for other companies. It’s a challenge, but, comparatively, a small one compared to the others we face. There aren’t many people in the world who do what we do, and fewer still who supply to so many different defence sectors. We are proud to support our British, French and American partners to name just a few. Our industry comprises a focused group of companies, and, generally, once you’ve established your reputation, your partnerships are for the long term. Continuing to achieve in our market We have some big opportunities on the horizon, and we plan to secure our future for another eight decades, having celebrated our 80th anniversary last year. We’d like to think that the unique Permali approach is why we are the only major British company left able to do what we do: provide our clients with an edge over their adversaries. Our future is bright. We only anticipate further growth – both our industry and the sectors we deliver to are very strong. We are a genuine hidden success story, and we know that our discretion will continue to be a significant part of Permali’s growth. It doesn’t matter what the threat is; we’ll get you the end result you need, and we won’t make it difficult.

RAF Chinook helicopter

proud of having helped these people, and that pride goes beyond most job satisfaction benchmarks. Our challenges and concerns Like most small businesses, we face the usual challenges which come from working with the largest clients on long lead time projects: clients who, for instance, may anticipate that we have the time and resources to work without payment. While this isn’t always the case, we always make it work – part of our profile is remaining nimble and agile in everything we do. We are just as meticulous with our cash flow, team’s skillset and capital investments as we are with the

We are a genuine hidden success story

British Army all-terrain carrier – the Warthog


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